Something that you might have guessed by now is that I'm also a certified Yoga Teacher (200+ hrs). The best part about yoga for me is the beauty of flowing fluidly with our breath – that’s the one time when it’s really hard for the mind to grip onto things.

That’s why I fell in love with this practice, because it gave me the mental space to just BE in my body and tune out from everything else going on, good or bad in my day (or life). 

It taught me how to really be PRESENT!


Yoga Sessions

" Don’t identify as every thought or emotion you feel. Be the observer of it and journey with grace."

Lalah Delia

Come flow with me at Carja Yoga Studio, where I currently teach Hot Yoga and Vinyasa. Or, you can get in touch for my personal 1:1 packages.

My typical 1:1 packages include:

60 min flow per class

Tailored to your needs - focused on strength, flexibility or a combination of both

Each class will include embodied spiritual wisdom, yogic philosophy, meditation and breathwork basics 

How can we do yoga together?

Want to book yoga?

If you'd like to find out a little more about yoga sessions with me, please visit the contact page and submit your enquiry there.

Caroline Tang - Holistic Health Coach & Senior Yoga Teacher

"Parul’s yoga classes are creative and there is a softness about her which makes you feel safe and supported in her class. Her instructions are clear and you can trust that you will be guided with confidence."

Yoga Client Love

Yoga Client Love

Jennifer Tang - Women’s Empowerment & Sexuality Coach

"Parul is an outstanding Yoga Teacher. Her creative sequences help you build fire from the inside out with a fusion of discipline and encouraging and uplifting vibe to raise your energy and vibration."

Yoga Client Love

Miri Nojiri - Massage Therapist

"Parul’s Hot Yoga classes offer a powerful practice which makes you sweat! She is very impressive as a teacher and will keep you motivated throughout the class! You will feel very strong as you keep practicing with her!! In spite of a physical trauma in her body, she makes the practice look effortless. She’s taught me that it doesn’t really matter how you look, it’s how you express yourself as you are."

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