The Soul

Your 6-Month Mastermind Group

You might have heard of this concept before, 'YOU are the average of your 5 closest friends'.

The company that you keep indeed determines who you are, Proximity is POWER...

1 x Powerful Monthly Workshop - to help you heal your spirit from the inside out and embody your greatest soul expression including topics such as: "Learn How to Tap Into and Strengthen Your Intuition", "How to Embody Your Highest Expression" - the 7 Divine Feminine Archetypes; From Maiden to The Queen and "How to Honour Your Feminine Flow and Move from Burnout to Balance"

A Private FB Group - all-access support with me, for all your questions and concerns, workshop + group coaching session replays, monthly workbooks and bonus inclusions, all the leading-edge strategies to help you design the life of your dreams

So, I want to welcome you to a proximity that will empower, inspire and support your growth and cheer you on while you transform into a powerful force in your life. Learn how to tap into and strengthen your intuition so you can make decisions with ease. This is how you’ll show up as the confident, empowered leader you are!

This is your official invitation to an intimate, high-touch mastermind where you'll experience:

A Gorgeous Community - a group of soul sisters navigating similar challenges as you, with the chance to let your guard down, connect, be vulnerable in front of others and allow yourself to be seen with the ultimate sisterhood surrounding you so that you can share, grow and thrive alongside women who, well... get it and are on the same path as you

1 x Live Group Coaching Session Each Month - where I will coach you personally on any challenge that you're facing in life at that time

1 x Guest Expert Session Every Quarter - get LIVE soul-centered talks from guest experts to enrich your learning and fastrack your growth

Optional VIP Upgrade - the option to upgrade your membership to include a priceless 1:1 session with me every single month - where we will specifically clear any fears or blocks that are stopping you from showing up as your most empowered self

Week 1 - Wed, Nov 9
Masterclass with Parul

Week 3 - Wed, Nov 23
Live Group Coaching on Zoom

Week 5 - Wed, Dec 7
Masterclass with Parul

Week 6 - Wed, Dec 14
BONUS: Guest Expert Masterclass: The Power of Mindset & Emotional Healing for Health 

Week 7 - Wed, Dec 21
Live Group Coaching on Zoom

Session Days: Wed 12-1pm AEDT | 6:30am IST 
Replays shared in the FB group 
1 x Monthly workbook after each session (reflection, feedback & breakthroughs)
BONUS: Guest Masterclass once every quarter 

Example Schedule

"The importance of connection with ourselves and how to receive and enjoy that was a major breakthrough for me in our first session."

- Mo

You have the power to change your life

Connect with your divine feminine, inner power + innate strength

Form deep relationships with incredible, like-minded women

Experience 2023 in the most aligned and powerful way

Have daily support + guidance from a Soulful Confidence Coach

Access my coaching toolkit, to empower you for the future

Achieve your personal goals with ease

Embody your greatest soul expression while nurturing your body, mind and soul

Learn and ACTUALLY practice the art of true self-love

Show up as your unapologetic, unfiltered self

Hands up if you can relate?

Can I ever look and feel as good as other confident women out there?

Where do I find women who are on the same path as me?

What are even boundaries? How do I start drawing them?

How do I get rid of my guilt

Where is my life going? 

Will everyone around me think I'm crazy if I talk about the spiritual/woo-woo stuff?

How do I start to trust my intuition?

How does this work?

The Facebook group is the heart of our mastermind community.

I'll be available in the group every day (Mon - Fri) to answer any questions you might have. Plus, this is where you'll find our calls, replays, workbooks + resources.

There will be weekly check-ins too, where you can set intentions and celebrate everything you're grateful for.

Every month, we'll work through New Moon journaling prompts together, and I'll also deliver a bonus EFT session around Fear + Anxiety. We will have a new guest speaker every quarter and will cover a range of holistic healing + spiritual topics.

Each cohort of the masterclass lasts for six months as a minimum, but you can stay in the space for as long as you like. We'll be exploring different themes and bringing in new guest speakers to help you learn new soul-concepts and level up on your journey.

Let's dive into the mastermind experience.

Show up as your unapologetic, unfiltered self?

So, what can you expect from life coaching?

A reminder - what 's included?

1 x Live Workshop with Parul each month

1 x Group Coaching Session with Parul each month

Access to our private Facebook community for regular check-ins

Monthly workbooks, resources + bonus content, exclusive to the mastermind

1 x Bonus Guest Expert Training Session each quarter

Mo - Creative Entrepreneur, Thailand.

"I came to Parul wanting to work on strengthening my relationships, self compassion and dealing with health stress. Parul listens deeply and goes where you want to go and changes with you based on where you’re at. She has lots of tools in her tool box to work with a huge variety of issues people deal with. I’m so grateful I finally got to experience what it’s like to have a warm and loving coach. Thank you!"

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Nicky - Student, Argentina

"Parul guided me through a journey of spiritual awakening, healing, growth and embodying confidence. I felt like I kept having one aha moment after another and becoming more aware of my patterns after every session. Parul supported me on a journey of unleashing intuitive confidence from the inside rather than looking for crumbs of external validation that never truly fulfilled me. I would highly recommend working with Parul."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Rebekah - Small Business Owner & Consultant, Adelaide 

"Parul challenged me to look at the beliefs that may be holding me back from really achieving my goal. She was calm and considered in her approach and I felt safe knowing there was no judgement. Since our sessions together, I am eager to keep up the routine! It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore and it’s having a terrific overall effect on my mindset and health and wellbeing."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Jennifer - Founder of Carja Yoga Academy, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Master NLP Coach Trainer, Women’s Empowerment & Sexuality Coach, Melbourne

"Parul helped me remove my fears and shift my perspective of the problem. As a result of Parul’s coaching, I now have greater confidence and feel empowered to grow my business, overcome challenges and face my fears."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Sophie - Creativity and Sensuality Life Coach & Writer, Brisbane

"Before working with Parul, I felt as though I was quite fractured - I felt conflicted in my decisions and like I wasn’t really achieving anything. I feel so much more focused on my goals and forward momentum now."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Smriti, Environmental Specialist in City & Urban Development, India

"Parul coaches by listening, using her professional training as a coach, and also by channeling her intuitive intelligence to draw out past patterns, which she’s learned from her own experiences in life.

Working with her has helped me understand myself better and achieve all 3 of my personal + professional goals. I’m now happier than I’ve ever been."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Investment & Next Steps 



I'm an open book and I'm always keen to funnel clients in the best direction for their journey.
If you're unsure as to whether not the mastermind is the best fit for you, just drop me a DM over on IG.

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