But as life happens to most of us, my career plans were nowhere close to pursuing my passion of working with people. I spent a good 10 years trying to find joy and fulfilment in the corporate and start-up life moving across different countries. 

And as you might have guessed correctly, I did not find that satisfaction, that REAL feeling of waking up happy every single day in any job until I finally woke up to my soul’s true calling.

I'm so happy that you're here! Let me tell you a little bit more about me. My Jupiter is in Pisces, which means that I motivate and inspire others with my ability to imagine a reality beyond their current, material restrictions. A Generator by Human Design and Enneagram 2, I was born to serve, with never-ending energy to learn, expand and grow.

I've always loved people, forming deep connections and helping others, with an inner knowing that I was here for a bigger purpose, to show up and serve in a bigger way!

A good story starts at the


On the surface, I had it all.

A loving relationship, a great job which offered me constant growth, a fabulous social life, hobbies I loved, lots of traveling, but I always felt that deep down, there was still something missing.

I was happy, but also empty.

Throughout 2020, I was questioning every decision of my life, feeling like I didn't fit in anymore because a lot had started to shift within me. I was working with a toxic boss. In spite of being in a leadership position before this, I did not have enough self-belief to express my opinion and I was scared of quitting because I feared the unknown. 

I knew I wanted to do something bigger with my life, but I was also unsure about embarking on this path because I was terrified of "what people would think". Not giving up, I kept taking small steps towards my own healing and before I knew it, my life (and mindset) had started to turn around. 

But, having worked with some great coaches and different healing modalities over the last two years, I am now living my life in radical alignment to who I am and who I am here to be. Today, I am more confident in myself and my decisions than I have ever been and I choose to face my fears head on.

I am not scared of taking space, speaking my mind or showing up anywhere with a sense of expansiveness anymore. I am done playing small and I've stepped into a new version of myself that I hadn't allowed to thrive before.

From being a people pleaser, to never being happy in my body, I constantly struggled to speak my mind freely for the fear of hurting others. Because of significant childhood trauma of losing my mum at the tender age of 11, I had grown up as a child who did not ever feel accepted or loved for who I was. That's why, I never really loved myself as an adult and had a lot of guilt, shame and fears around choosing myself over others.

It hasn't been easy but I can say hand-on-heart that right now, I'm the happiest I've ever been.

I'm now a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and I can't wait to help you achieve your own transformation.

"From the guided meditation, I left remembering and feeling that I have a lot of self love. It was a really nice way to reconnect with that and had lasting benefits throughout my week."

- Mo

I now know what it truly means to follow the signs and live in flow, gracefully accepting whatever the universe sends my way. It's been a very magical, yet tough journey of growth and transformation. I can't want to share this JOY with you, to help you create the life you most desire.

I know what it feels like to be in darkness, feeling that these feelings will never end. I’ve walked away from some of the closest relationships that didn’t serve me. I reinvented myself. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone every time I knew I was holding back. I’ve asked for help – very reluctantly, I might add, and not without judging myself for needing this help! 


This is why I've created my signature 3 month coaching series - Connect with Confidence

With each session tailored specifically to your needs, helping you identify your biggest goals + old patterns of self-sabotage, I will empower you to create lasting confidence and step into your authentic power.

We will have a 60 minute session every other week and set very specific, tailored and targeted actions to help you move through your blocks in between calls. 

The reason why I do what I do.  I’m here, working with people, getting to know them a little deeper as I guide them and serve them



It excites me to hear about something new, whether it’s a cool new café, a movement or mindfulness practice, or a talk by a leading expert.



I’m so intrigued by the thousands of stories I could come across, just by asking people how their day is or how they are doing.



I adore going to events or wellness classes to meet new like-minded people. I love learning from others' stories and experiences.

meeting new people


Just a few of my favourite things,,,

If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone to embrace who you REALLY are, then go ahead and book your complimentary Discovery Call. Let’s connect to discuss all of your concerns in life right now and help you get closer to your goals. 


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