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Self-sabotaging means, “consciously or unconsciously acting in a way that sabotages our own efforts”. But why does it happen in relationships and how we can prevent it from occurring in the future?

Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Relationships? This Is How To Get Out Of The Cycle.

Life Coaching

November 16, 2022

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What needs to change for you to live an exciting, aligned and empowered life? Find out in my latest blog post where I share some tips and techniques from my coaching toolkit to help you find out.

How To Create An Aligned And Empowered Life

Life Coaching

October 14, 2022

Parul Sharma

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The topic of Burnout to Balance is one that is very close to my heart and something that I’ve been deeply craving to write about for a while now.

How To Move From Burnout To Balance

Life Coaching

September 27, 2022

Parul Sharma on the beach in a black dress

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Let me explain to you why I believe confidence is the key to happiness, and how it can make your life a brighter, happier place. As a Soulful Confidence Coach, it’s really important for me to take notice of those not only in my immediate circle but the people around it too.  I pay great […]

Is Confidence The Key To Happiness?

Confidence & Mindset

June 28, 2022

Lady wearing a blue dress with her hands in her hair and a smile on her face

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Developing and mastering confidence doesn’t always come easy to everyone. It’s not something we’re necessarily born with but it is something that we can all learn and develop. 

How To Develop And Master Confidence As A Life Skill

Confidence & Mindset

May 24, 2022

Lady sitting alone with arm in the air

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What are healthy boundaries and how can you use them to become your own Boundary Boss? Did you know that setting healthy boundaries AND maintaining them is one of the hardest things to implement within your business and your personal life?

What Are Healthy Boundaries And How To Create Them?

Confidence & Mindset

May 3, 2022

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Today, I wanted to spend a little bit of time sharing with you how to break down your inner and outer goals – and why they can be a crucial part of your personal development. But, our goals can also trip us up if they’re only surface level, so here’s my insight for you. 

Inner And Outer Goals – And How To Break Them Down.

Limiting Beliefs & Fears, Self-Love

April 19, 2022

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G R A T I T U D E – and ensuring that I practice gratitude daily – is one of the single biggest things that has transformed the way that I look at and approach everything in my life. 

Attract More Abundance In Your Life By Practising Gratitude

Confidence & Mindset, Tips & Self-Help

April 5, 2022

Self-Love Practices

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In this blog, I talk about the definition of self-love and how you can practice it every single day with four actionable tips. Remember – love yourself. You deserve it.

What Is Self-love And How To Practice It Everyday


March 16, 2022

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