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Take a moment to consider where your life is currently at.

Overthinking and overwhelmed

Afraid of speaking your truth for the fear of judgment/not being accepted?

Struggling with self-doubt and lack of self-belief?

Comparing yourself to others? 

Saying yes to things that you don't really want, just to please others?

"I found Parul’s workshop on trauma & triggers very enlightening. For me, it was important from both ends - inner reflection and how we project unhealed wounds on others around us."

- Rochi

See yourself as successful and accomplished?

Close your eyes. Imagine how it would feel to:

Love yourself and be proud of who you are?

Live without stress and internal self-pressure? - move from BURNOUT to BALANCE

Approach life with a more positive outlook?

Be happy again?

Have deeper, more connected relationships?

We often get stuck in the mundane of the everyday.

Throughout 2020, I was questioning every decision of my life, feeling like I didn't fit in because a lot had started to shift within me. I was working with a toxic boss. In spite of being in a leadership position before this, I did not have enough self-belief to express my opinion and I was scared of quitting because I feared the unknown. 

I was also unsure about embarking on this path because I was terrified of what people would think. 

But I kept taking small steps towards my own healing.

I started facing my fears by slowly doing things that scared me - NLP helped me rewire my beliefs, fears and anxiety

I stood up for my truth unapologetically - I shed a lot of guilt and shame that I was carrying since childhood through tapping/EFT

I kept working on shedding layers of conditioning, childhood trauma - I lost my mum at 11, dealt with a physical deformity in my foot and a difficult relationship with my dad

I unpicked repetitive patterns through healing modalities and life coaching - I’m still working with a business and a personal coach.

I'm now a Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner after turning my career around 18 months ago. 

I'm ready to help you do the same, and I cannot wait to show you how to get big results… the fun and easy way. No more of that “work till your eyes bleed!” hustling pushing. I like to think of myself as a rare blend of woo woo (all the stuff about dreaming big and manifestations) and practical (action steps, solutions that drive results and tools + techniques that work).

I’ll also help you step into your power using the same tools and techniques that worked for me. 

Mo - Creative Entrepreneur, Thailand.

"I came to Parul wanting to work on strengthening my relationships, self compassion and dealing with health stress. Parul listens deeply and goes where you want to go and changes with you based on where you’re at. She has lots of tools in her tool box to work with a huge variety of issues people deal with. I’m so grateful I finally got to experience what it’s like to have a warm and loving coach. Thank you!"

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Nicky - Student, Argentina

"Parul guided me through a journey of spiritual awakening, healing, growth and embodying confidence. I felt like I kept having one aha moment after another and becoming more aware of my patterns after every session. Parul supported me on a journey of unleashing intuitive confidence from the inside rather than looking for crumbs of external validation that never truly fulfilled me. I would highly recommend working with Parul."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Rebekah - Small Business Owner & Consultant, Adelaide 

"Parul challenged me to look at the beliefs that may be holding me back from really achieving my goal. She was calm and considered in her approach and I felt safe knowing there was no judgement. Since our sessions together, I am eager to keep up the routine! It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore and it’s having a terrific overall effect on my mindset and health and wellbeing."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Jennifer - Founder of Carja Yoga Academy, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Master NLP Coach Trainer, Women’s Empowerment & Sexuality Coach, Melbourne

"Parul helped me remove my fears and shift my perspective of the problem. As a result of Parul’s coaching, I now have greater confidence and feel empowered to grow my business, overcome challenges and face my fears."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Sophie - Creativity and Sensuality Life Coach & Writer, Brisbane

"Before working with Parul, I felt as though I was quite fractured - I felt conflicted in my decisions and like I wasn’t really achieving anything. I feel so much more focused on my goals and forward momentum now."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Smriti, Environmental Specialist in City & Urban Development, India

"Parul coaches by listening, using her professional training as a coach, and also by channeling her intuitive intelligence to draw out past patterns, which she’s learned from her own experiences in life.

Working with her has helped me understand myself better and achieve all 3 of my personal + professional goals. I’m now happier than I’ve ever been."

Success Stories

Don't just take my word for it...

Be less stressed - loving your routine

If you want to: 

Transformation is absolutely possible for you

I've created a 3-month coaching container to help you release limiting beliefs, stuck emotions and old patterns of self-sabotage, so you can express yourself confidently at work and in relationships.

I’ll help you accelerate to where you want to be, a whole lot quicker than if you keep trying to do it on your own!

Release the fear of judgement

Feel confident in your decisions and opinions

Learn to say NO while mastering your boundaries

Break free of your old patterns of self-sabotage - no more emotional eating

Feel more confident getting out in the dating game

Embrace who you are and stop being scared of vulnerability 

Stop comparing yourself to others

Imagine a day when you are genuinely happy about who you are and no longer worry about others’ judgements or compare yourself to others!

How does it work?

Three months of powerful and transformative 1:1 Coaching.

You. Me. And a little bit of magic.

As this program is 1:1, it will be completely personalised to you. 

In your discovery call we will get clear on the key areas you want to focus on and these will form the outline for our time together. 

Over the next 3 months, we will meet fortnightly for powerful coaching sessions that allow you to transform from who you are now to your embodied confident and authentic self.  

In between your sessions you will have me as support via Voxer and you'll receive journaling workbooks to deepen your relationship with yourself and connect to who you TRULY are and how you want to show up. 

6x fortnightly coaching sessions over 3 months, so that we can transform all the blocks stopping you from showing up as your magnetic, powerful self (VALUE $1782)

Voxer support so that you maintain momentum in between our sessions (VALUE $594)

Personalized journaling workbooks so that you can break patterns in real life situations with my support (VALUE $319)

Bonus 60-min EFT session during the series to fast track your progress ($297)

Hypnotic and tapping audios tailored to your needs ( $297)

A toolbox of techniques and practices to help you become self sufficient (PRICELESS)

VIP access to my other programs and offers 

What’s included: 








Get clear on your vision for the life you want to live and who you want to be! 

Set a plan of action

How to prioritize self-care in a sustainable way 

Identify and clear limiting beliefs and trapped emotions from your childhood

Break the repetitive patterns that are keeping you stuck

Mindset shifts to transform your mental blocks 

How to nurture and love yourself 

Inner child healing for a deeper connection to yourself 

Benefits of being in PRESENT and how to live life more in the present

Together, we will dive into the bold and beautiful vision for your goals and the life you are trying to create for yourself. It is here that we will also start digging deep to go beneath the surface and explore your childhood memories and repetitive patterns that are holding you back from conjuring the future you most desire!


Module Two - Week 3 & 4

This is where the magic begins! Here, I will guide you through specific NLP and EFT exercises to start transforming your limiting beliefs. We will also start doing active research into the best options and resources available to you that will see you running closer towards your goals.


Module Three - Week 5 & 6

You will begin to think and feel differently about yourself and your goals. You will start seeing shifts in your mindset and your energy, which will help you attract the people and outcomes you desire in your life. We will work on transforming your mindset into a state of abundance and gratitude by moving through emotional blocks with tapping and guided visualisations.


Module Four - Week 7 & 8

Homestretch now! Here, we will start tying up any loose ends to get you towards that glorious finish line for your soul’s desires that we had started to explore together.
I will give you some powerful resources, tips and tools to continue making lasting mindset shifts.


Module Five - Week 9 & 10

We will celebrate YOU! Your journey, your milestones, the shifts that you've had, the fears + limiting beliefs you have powered through. Together, we will celebrate in a way that has meaning and happiness at its core!


Module Six - Week 11 & 12

Clarity on your values, desires and goals

Example topics

Until not very long ago...

Hey there!

I was a people pleaser, who struggled to draw her boundaries 

I'm Parul and I'm so glad you're here.

I was pretty sure inside my head that others were always judging me 

I was not very confident of my own opinions and struggled to speak freely at work 

I was constantly trying to lose weight because I didn't think that I was “skinny” enough or looked good enough

I also spent a good 10 years trying to find joy and fulfilment in the corporate and start-up life, moving across different countries, but no matter what I achieved, I always felt empty  

Imagine this day in 3 months time when you are on the other side of Connect with Confidence and you… 

You need a powerful coach in your corner.


Treat yourself with love, respect and care because you are your own best friend 

Are no longer struggling with self-doubt 

Don't compare yourself to others 

Are not overthinking about others’ judgements and having anxious days 

Finally feel genuinely happy about who you are 

Feel amazing in whatever you wear

Are stepping out of your comfort zone not afraid to date or make new friends

Make quick decisions with clarity

Speak your mind freely in any situation

Are no longer a giver in relationships because you know how to draw your boundaries

If you are:

Investment & Next Steps 


Ready to show up as your magnetic, powerful self
Done messing around and playing small
Excited about making soul-level and lasting shifts in your life

Then, APPLY NOW and we could jump on a call to hatch a plan of action for you as soon as next week. I can't wait to receive your application and explore what joining could mean for you and your dreams. 







You are! The clarity and confidence you’re seeking comes from getting started, not overthinking. Start now, I've got you! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in yourself.

Think you're not worth it?