I've created a hand-picked selection of resources that I know you're going to find super transformative. These workbooks range from fool-proof hacks to raising your vibration, soulful exercises to shift your limiting beliefs to a 360° Wheel of Life assessment to help you find alignment in all the areas of your life.

I REALLY want you to WIN everyday and find JOY in everything you do.

So, keep reading to find out more on what these resources are and how to use them. 

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"Parul showed me how to balance my masculine and feminine energies - how to embody confidence from the inside out and steps I can start taking towards my most confident self. I’m learning more about the difference between soul and ego and how I'm living by the ego most of the time."

- Nicky

Three Minute Self-Esteem Journal

Complete this Three Minute Self-Esteem Journal as a daily self-care check-in. The perfect way to end your day on a positive, uplifting note and a great one to add into your daily routine.

Two Steps to Shift your Identity

We often get too stuck in our head about all that’s wrong with us, and all that’s lacking in us. That’s why, we hold ourselves back from all the big and wonderful things that are waiting to show up in our lives. Complete Two Steps to Shift your Identity to make some seismic shifts in how you perceive yourself. 

Your "Not-to-do" List

Due to our past experiences, childhood trauma or always being told certain things repeatedly, we tend to become people-pleasers, where we feel like we need to dim or hide ourselves, or hide our needs and desires to maintain peace in a situation. 

It's time to do things a little differently by completing your "Not-to-do" List! 

If you experience any big breakthroughs or AHA moments, I would love to hear from you! My inbox is always, always open for you to reach out.

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How to make use of these resources

The Wheel of Life

Just like the first session of all my coaching programs, this Wheel of Life Workbook will help you to get an understanding of your “starting point" - get clear on where exactly you are right now, what areas you need to look at, what areas are you not so happy with, and where you need to begin to start shifting things in life. 

Raise your Vibration Checklist

This is one to pin up in your office or your bedroom! Wherever you'll be able to see it on a daily basis, this Raise your Vibration Checklist is sure to lift your spirits and energy levels whenever you need them the most.

Thirty Daily Affirmations

I've jam-packed this resource with Thirty Daily Affirmations that you can repeat to yourself whenever you need them. You'll be amazed at how quickly things in your life will begin to change when you start believing in yourself and the universe.