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I'm Parul

I am a Confidence, Mindset and Life Coach on a mission to help ambitious, driven individuals unearth their limiting beliefs and step into their power.

I work with the creatives, the thinkers, the dreamers, the visionaries and the leaders. People who want to make waves, create impact and leave a lasting legacy behind them. 

But self-doubt, a lack of self-confidence and heightened sensitivity often come hand-in-hand with ambition, contributing to a feeling of total overwhelm.

I'm here to help you lighten the load and bring your dreams to fruition.

"You know deep down that on the other side of
fear is so much freedom."

As a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, I empower and guide my clients through powerful goal setting and exercises to create long lasting confidence and mindset shifts.

More about me...

I unearth limiting beliefs, past trauma and repetitive patterns by using NLP techniques, powerful questioning, hypnosis, EFT, breathwork and guided visualizations.

More about you...

What am I doing with my life?

I'm stuck in my own head. Thinking. Questioning. Overanalysing.

Surely there’s more to life than this? Monotony, boredom, the same-old, same-old.

When will I finally be happy?

I have everything, but why am I still not happy?

Will I ever feel fulfilled and fearless?

What you really need right now is to clear out the noise and get in touch with your truth.

But it's hard to do that on your own, and having support from someone who gets it will make ALL the difference.

That's where I come in.

Set an

Visualise your Outcome

Take Inspired

The more you do this, the better! Make this your #1 obsession.

Bust your fears to find freedom that you so deserve.

I help and connect with my clients through tailored, transformational coaching. We'll work together through a three step formula to facilitate long-lasting and impactful change in your life.

My Three Step Formula...

This is your cue to dare to dream, to truly visualise the future.

What can you expect?

You will walk away feeling deeply connected to your body, with an unshakeable confidence to go after your dreams and desires.

You will quit playing small, discover a renewed sense of self-love and become your own biggest cheerleader not afraid to shine your light as bright as it was always meant to be!

How does it work?

Discover my three month coaching series - 12 weeks of powerful and transformative 1:1 Coaching.

If you are ready to become the most confident and unstoppable version of yourself, I'm here to help you! Go ahead fill out the form below to submit your application and if I feel like we're a good fit, we can book a complimentary Discovery Call to see what's going on for you and how I can help you achieve your goals. 

With each session tailored specifically to your needs, helping you identify your biggest goals + old patterns of self-sabotage, I will empower you to create lasting confidence and step into your authentic power.

We will have a 60 minute session every other week and set very specific, tailored and targetted actions to help you move through your blocks in between calls. 

Rebekah - Small Business Owner & Consultant

"I was introduced to Parul through a mutual acquaintance and have since worked with her regularly. Parul has a lovely manner, is a very kind-hearted and patient coach which I have found very reassuring. It’s obvious that she wants the very best for me and wants me to achieve my goals. When I started working with Parul, I was lacking the motivation I needed to get back on my bike (my preferred form of fitness) to improve my health and wellbeing, and in general, wanted to increase my motivation and confidence in cycling.

Rather than simply suggesting a training schedule, Parul challenged me to look at the beliefs that may be holding me back from really achieving my goal. She was calm and considered in her approach and I felt safe knowing there was no judgement and that she would support me in achieving the goal. Since our sessions together, I am back on the bike and eager to keep up the routine! It doesn’t feel like a chore anymore and it’s having a terrific overall effect on my mindset and health and wellbeing."

Client Success Stories...

Jennifer - Founder of Carja Yoga Academy, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Master NLP Coach Trainer, Women’s Empowerment & Sexuality Coach

"Before working with Parul, I had fears that were preventing me from moving forward with my business. Parul helped me remove my fears and shift my perspective of the problem. As a result of Parul’s coaching, I now have greater confidence and feel empowered to grow my business, overcome challenges and face my fears. She’s also sparked and ignited my fire to take action and as a result of this, I signed up two new clients, earning an additional $5000+ in one day. I highly recommend Parul’s coaching services.

She’s inspirational, super prompt, professional, genuinely cares about her clients and is determined to get you results and help you achieve your goals. Parul has the gift of helping you to see your problems in a different light, she is creative in her approach and is on a mission to uplift others and make a positive impact in the world. Parul has an innate ability to connect with others, she is solution-focused, transformational and knows how to get results."

Client Success Stories...

Sophie - Creativity and Sensuality Life Coach & Writer

"Before working with Parul, I felt as though I was quite fractured - my head and heart were in lots of different places, I felt conflicted in my decisions and like I wasn’t really achieving anything. During Parul’s coaching program, I felt heard and acknowledged - which it turns out, is quite important when it comes to voicing goals, and achieving them! Parul has a gentle and compassionate coaching style, and she left me feeling supported and encouraged. In fact, every session we had, I felt energised by our time together - even after a long work day!

I feel so much more focused on my goals and in forward momentum. I had underestimated the power of coaching to infiltrate so many different areas of my life, not just the goals I set. I highly recommend Parul as a coach! She brings so much passion and kindness to the coaching space, has wonderful suggestions to nudge you along and has such a wealth of experience in so many areas that come together to enrich your coaching experience. She is a gem!"

Client Success Stories...

Ben - Senior Account Manager, Mr Yum & Music Producer

"Before I started working with Parul I was struggling to find a balance in my life. Feeling inadequate with dealing with conflict, often stressed about financial troubles in life and never truly loved myself. I knew I was stuck, and I am not the kind of person who will stay in this state. So the first thing I did was reach out to Parul.

Parul was incredible, and really held me accountable to my goals and what I wanted to achieve. She helped shift my limiting beliefs that were ingrained in my psyche since a young age. I now have a new outlook on experiences in life and how I want to live. The biggest change for me is a newfound respect and love for myself. I am no longer putting other people's opinions above mine. I now feel comfortable saying no more often to allow time for me to just be. If anyone wants to connect with themselves on a completely life changing level, speak with Parul. She has guided and inspired me to be a better version of myself. I’d always spend more time on myself with Parul! My coaching experience with Parul was loving, inspiring and magical."

Client Success Stories...

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